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English 9am Service (200 pax)
Must be fully vaccinated*
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English 11am Service (50 pax)
Vaccination/testing not necessary
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华文部 早上9点崇拜 (115 人)
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* Concession for unvaccinated individuals to perform a pre-event test (PET) in lieu of being fully vaccinated has been removed from 1 Jan 2022, i.e. all attendees to 9am services (English & Chinese) must be vaccinated. 

From 1 Feb 2022, all events including congregational and worship services must implement VDS, i.e. we are unable to continue with having a service limited to 50 pax that allows those unvaccinated to also attend.  So all attendees to 11am service must also be vaccinated.  Max. pax will be increased to 200.

202211日起 进行PET测试以替代疫苗接种的方案将被取消,未接种疫苗的个人将无法参加聚会活动。例如所有参加早上9点聚会(英文部&华文部的讲员和会友均必须接种疫苗。


Every Sunday from 9am onwards

Worship TOGETHER on Zoom
Zoom room opens at 8.45am
(service starts at 9am) on Sunday
Zoom link:

English Service livestream


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